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Call For Nominations to the GPC Executive Committee


Dear GPC Member,

Nominations are now being called for election to fill at least two vacant positions on the Executive Committee of GPC to be voted upon at the next Executive Meeting to be held in Rio de Janeiro on Monday, June 10 2019.    

Executive Committee positions are for a maximum of six years. The positions are voluntary and no remuneration is paid. Executive members are expected to attend at least two Executive Committee meetings each year at their own expense (currently coinciding with the annual convention in whatever city it is held, and in alternate years with the ANUGA and SIAL trade fairs in Cologne and Paris respectively). 

  1. Nominations must be received on the attached form and sent to, on or before 17:00 GMT on 31 May 2019. Late nominations will not be considered. 
  2. Individual Nominees must be current paid up financial members of GPC for at least two years (including the current year). 
  3. Nominees will be assessed, and in the case that more nominations are received than there are available positions candidates will be selected to ensure a balance of regional representation and industry experience. Note that no more than two (2) members from any one country may sit on the GPC executive board at the same time.
  4. Candidates are encouraged to provide short bio or CV in addition to this application

Please make sure that all details on the form are completed in full including correct international phone numbers and email address.


Huseyin Arslan

GPC President

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