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Other: Researcher, Media or Nonprofit

Government entities, researchers, certain non-profit organizations, and media organizations may become GPC members free of charge. However, organizations that are directly affiliated with the pulse industry, such as pulse grower associations and pulse industry councils, are expected to join the GPC as member.
In order to qualify for free membership, an organization must meet one of the following definitions:

  1. An organization that engages in activities that significantly benefit GPC members and the global pulse industry, and that advance the GPC’s mission to increase pulse production and consumption and increase awareness of pulses. This includes government and university researchers and government entities.
  2. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that assist farmers and work to improve food security, provided they have a nexus to the pulse industry.
  3. Members of the media who report on the pulse industry. This does not include companies that offer fee-based consulting services.
In addition, the organization must also meet the following requirements:
  • The organization does not profit commercially from its pulse-industry related activities. This rules out, for example, research organizations that exist to develop and/or commercialize seed.  Media organizations are exempted from this requirement.
  • The organization must have a nexus to the global pulse industry.
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