China International Pulse and Flex Conference (Autumn 2019)


The global economy is polarized, with the main economies reaching its limit in growth and emerging markets experiencing financial turbulence. The trade friction between China and US also brings a bunch of uncertainties to our importers and exporters. Even so, with the challenges ahead of us, 2019 is still a year of opportunities thanks to China’s deepening reform and opening-up.

Recently, the supply of Chinese grains and pulses increased but the price endured obvious fluctuation influenced by deflation. The Chinese grains and pulses market in 2019 will still face many uncertain and unstable factors. In order to help enterprises to obtain a better view of the on-going changes and the development trend of global market, CFNA is going to host China Int'l Miscellaneous Grains I/E Industry Conference 2019 from 26th - 27th Aug. in Guiyang City, Guizhou province.

China Chamber of Commerce of Foodstuffs and Native Produce (CFNA) was established in September 1988. Taking Coordination, Guidance, Promotion, Consultation and Service as its objectives, CFNA promotes industry development, and assists its members to explore the world market. It communicates suggestions and opinions of members and the industry to the government, and contributes its suggestions and comments to policy-making in China. CFNA has more than 6000 companies. Its membership, covering all parts of China, is composed of the largest and most representative companies and a large number of small and medium sized enterprises.

We hereby sincerely invite you to take part in China Int'l Miscellaneous Grains I/E Industry Conference 2019. Please see attached for detailed program of the event. You can log on our website to access the most updated program details.

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