The Global Pulse Confederation (GPC, formerly known as CICILS IPTIC) is the nonprofit association for the pulses industry value chain. GPC is headquartered in Dubai and licensed under the Dubai Government authority, Dubai Multi Commodity Centre (DMCC).



  • Enjoys membership from 24 national associations and over 600 private sector members.
  • Represents an industry worth over $100 billion at the retail level.
  • Pulses production is distributed in over 55 countries, and reaches over 80 million tonnes every year.

Statement from Health Canada on Glyphosate

Health Canada’s primary objective in regulating pesticides is to protect Canadians’ health and the environment. That is why the Department regularly reviews all pesticides to make sure that they continue to meet modern health and safety standards.

Indian Government Extends Pea Import Restriction

The Government of India has extended the restriction on pea imports to 31st March 2019.

India Extends Crop Fumigation Exemption

The relaxation on non-compliance of Methyl Bromide Fumigation has been extended to 30th Jun 2019.

IYP 2016 Final Report

FAO released its final report for the International Year of Pulses 2016 including main findings and recommendations.

Update on U.S. Dry Bean and Chickpea Production

U.S. Dry Bean Council's latest report on dry bean and chickpea production is now available.

Pakistan Plant Protection Department Delegates Visit Ethiopia

A delegation of high-ranking officials from Pakistan's Plant Protection Department traveled to Ethiopia.

Third International Conference “Pulses. New markets. New opportunities”

Key players in the pulse industry, including officials from FAO, the Indian Ministry of Ag, and the President of the Global Pulse Confederation (GPC), Huseyin Arslan, will attend the conference in Kiev, Ukraine.

US Dry Bean Seeding and Estimated Production

Click on 'Read More' for the latest report on US dry bean seeding and estimated production.

India: Pulses in Public Distribution System (PDS)

The Indian Government announced it would sell nearly 3.5 million tonnes of pulses under the public distribution system (PDS) and other welfare schemes at a lower price than the wholesale rate.

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