Fact Sheets & Infographics

Resources to help you share your love for pulses.



Pulses and Food Security Factsheet
Over 60 percent of total utilisation of pulses is for human consumption. But the importance of pulses in human diets varies from region to region and country to country, with consumption...
Pulses and Rural Development Factsheet
Pulses are are traditionally mostly grown in developing countries, primarily by smallholder farms, often mostly for their own consumption but also to sell locally. Low productivity can...
Pulses: Orphan Crops Factsheet
“Orphan crops” are crops that are largely grown and used locally by communities and often considered staple crops. They are not part of the main crops that are traded internationally and...
Pulses: Sustainable Superfoods Factsheet
Learn more about why pulses are sustainable crops that improve soil health and use less than 1/10 the water of other proteins to produce.