La Confederación Internacional de las Leguminosas (Global Pulse Confederation o GPC, anteriormente conocida como CICILS-IPTIC) es una asociación sin fines de lucro que representa a la cadena productiva de la industria mundial de las leguminosas. Con sede central en Dubai (EAU), GPC opera bajo licencia del Gobierno de Dubai y del Dubai Multi Commodity Centre (DMCC).



  • Sus miembros suman 24 asociaciones nacionales (federaciones) y más de 600 actores del sector privado.
  • Representa una industria con un valor aproximado de más de $ 100 billones en el sector minorista.
  • La producción de leguminosas se distribuye en más de 55 países, y alcanza más de 80 millones de toneladas por año.

IYP 2016 Final Report

FAO released its final report for the International Year of Pulses 2016 including main findings and recommendations.

Update on U.S. Dry Bean and Chickpea Production

U.S. Dry Bean Council's latest report on dry bean and chickpea production is now available.

Pakistan Plant Protection Department Delegates Visit Ethiopia

A delegation of high-ranking officials from Pakistan's Plant Protection Department traveled to Ethiopia

Third International Conference “Pulses. New markets. New opportunities”

Key players in the pulse industry, including officials from FAO, the Indian Ministry of Ag, and the President of the Global Pulse Confederation (GPC), Huseyin Arslan will attend the conference in Kiev, Ukraine.

US Dry Bean Seeding and Estimated Production

Click on 'Read More' for the latest report on US dry bean seeding and estimated production.

India: Pulses in Public Distribution System (PDS)

The Indian Government announced it would sell nearly 3.5 million tonnes of pulses under the public distribution system (PDS) and other welfare schemes at a lower price than the wholesale rate.

Ethiopia: Honoring Ex-Board Members of the Association

On July 23, 2018 evening grand event has been conducted by Ethiopian Pulses Oilseeds Spices Exporters Association (EPOSPEA) at Sheraton Addis.

Ethiopia: 8th International Conference on Pulses and Oilseeds

Ethiopian Pulses, Oilseeds and Spices Processors - Exporters Association EPOSPEA announced the '8th International Conference on Pulses and Oilseeds' on November 23-24, 2018 in Addis Ababa.

Registration sill start soon online at http://www.epospeaeth

Día Nacional de las Legumbres en el Perú

El Día Nacional de las Legumbres en el Perú promoverá las conexiones a lo largo de la cadena productiva de las legumbres con foco en conceptos como sustentabilidad, gastronomía y tendencias globales.

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4 hours ago
Pulse exporters are keeping an eye on weather conditions in India as the Meteorological Department announced on Dec. 10 that a tropical cyclone was developing. #PulseMarket
7 hours ago
"The wildcard in the pulse market is what transpires over the winter and spring in India, the world’s top producer and consumer of pulses." #PulseMarket
10 hours ago
"Brazil’s soybeans hit the market soon, and meal from that crop will challenge Canadian pea proteins for price in China," says @westernproducer #PulseMarket
13 hours ago
Prices of food grains and pulses at Rajkot in India's western state of Gujarat opened on a steady to weak trend, traders said Thursday. #PulseMarket
16 hours ago
"India is facing increased heat at the World Trade Organization for continuing with its quantitative restrictions (QRs) on import of certain pulses." #PulseMarket